September 23, 2010

Webinar Recording: What's New in Seapine ALM 2011

Application Lifecycle Management

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the What's New in Seapine ALM 2011 webinar. The recording is now available if you missed the training session or want to watch it again. Q&A from the session follows.



1. Can TestTrack 2011 be used with Surround 2010 and vice-versa? Yes, though some of the enhanced integration (like creating defects in Surround SCM) will only be available if you have the latest version of both. 2. Will training be available for the 2011 releases? Yes, the existing training classes will be updated when the 2011.0 releases ship. Seapine Training sign-up. 3. Are there any plans for encrypting the data transfer from the client applications to the TestTrack and Surround SCM servers? This is already supported, with built-in 512-bit encryption between all server-to-server and client-to-server communications. This is a server option your administrator can set. Read more about client/server data encryption in TestTrack and Surround SCM.

TestTrack Q&A

1. Can we allow a group of people to see the contents of folders but control who can edit the items? An automation rule with a prevent action would let you prevent changes to items in specific folders. 2. Can I adjust the privileges per folder? You can control who can see folders and their contents in the edit folder window. You can restrict access to one or more security groups. 3. Is it possible to restrict who can rank items? Yes. Rank items is a new permission for security groups. 4. With the folder improvements, is the intention in the future that folders will become the primary view instead of the old lists view? Not really. They both have uses and both will continue to be enhanced. 5. Is the TestTrack enhanced change details feature also going to be available for test cases and test runs? Definitely, enhance change tracking available for defects, feature requests, test cases, test runs, and requirements. 6. Are the TestTrack enhanced change details reportable? You can select multiple entries in an item’s History tab and view and print the enhanced change information. 7. Can you edit multiple rows at once in TestTrack with in-line editing? No, the easiest way to edit more than one item at once is to use the bulk change feature. 8. What are the TestTrack RM-specific enhancements in this release? In addition to the TestTrack enhancements that touch requirements, the following enhancements have been to the RM module specifically.

  • View column totals for numeric fields in the Specification Document window.
  • Add triggers that automatically create requirement document snapshots.
  • Add notifications to send email when requirements are added to or removed from requirement documents.
  • Set the Specification Document width in the Local Options dialog box.
  • Configure the maximum memory the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can use for Microsoft Word imports and exports in the Local Options dialog box.
  • Copy text in the requirement Differences Report window.
  • Use the getDocumentTree request in the TestTrack SDK to retrieve the requirement document tree structure that includes requirement record IDs.

Surround SCM

1. Can I attach an open defect to a changelist? Yes, this is supported in the 2011 release. You must be the user with the defect open. 2. Does duplicate changes work with branches on the same level? We have version X.Y branch in the mainline and X.Y+1 and X.Y+2 off the mainline and want to port a bug fix from X.Y to X.Y+1 without pushing the fix to the mainline. Absolutely, that is one of the key use cases duplicate changes is ideal for. 3. Will the Surround SCM upgrade involve database changes? Although some tables are added, no real database changes are a part of this release. The upgrade time should be minimal. 4. What version of Surround SCM was the C# API introduced? Surround 2010.0. 5. Is move restricted to one Surround SCM mainline and one branch in that mainline? Move is restricted to a branch within one mainline, although the move action can be promoted or rebased. 6. In the graphical history windows, can you filter the branches that are shown? Yes, you can choose which branch to show, or even "follow" changes by showing their source. 7. Will Surround SCM 2011 support Jira? We hope to have an example Jira connector shortly after shipping 2011. 8. Will Surround SCM 2011 support Mantis? We won't be shipping a Mantis integration, but the framework allows you to write one. 9. Will duplicate changes work with what's attached to a defect, or what's in a changelist, or only per-file? All of the above, as well as with labels.

QA Wizard Pro

1. Does QA Wizard Pro offer load testing support for web services & SOAP? QA Wizard Pro load testing should support capturing web service and SOAP calls, as long as the browser application uses a standard mechanism to call them.

Seapine ALM Reporting Platform

1. Where can I see a list of sample reports included with the new Seapine ALM Reporting Platform? We’ll make it available when the list is finalized. 2. Is there a report "builder" interface for the reporting platform? There is not a report builder interface. We anticipate most customers will use an existing tool, like Crytsal Reports, Tableau, Business Objects, etc. 3. How frequently is data posted to the enterprise data warehouse? The data update frequency is configurable.