May 1, 2014

What’s New in the QA Wizard Pro 2014 Documentation

Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro 2014 was recently released and we made some documentation updates you may want to check out. Remember, documentation is always available on our web site and from the Help menu in QA Wizard Pro. If you have any documentation suggestions, please let us know.

Generate property maps

The GetPropertyMap statement can be used to collect all properties from windows and controls at one time. You can then work with values in the property map without calling the target application again.

Add and clear network credentials in load tests

The WebAddNetworkCredential and WebClearNetworkCredentials statements can be used to add and clear network credentials sent with web requests when running load test scripts.

JSON support

JSON statements lists the new statements available for creating and working with JSONObjects and JSONArrays. The following new Programming statements are also available: ArrayToJSONArray, Boolean, IsJSONArray, IsJSONObject, and IsJSONType.