February 13, 2012

What's New in Seapine ALM 2012 Documentation

Seapine's technical writing team has been busy updating product documentation for Seapine ALM 2012. Highlights of documentation additions and changes for each product are below. Remember, all Seapine product documentation is available on our web site and is installed with the application (PDF and help). If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.

QA Wizard Pro

Changes to the QA Wizard Pro User Guide:
  • The new 'Stress Testing' section explains how to create and run stress tests.
  • The 'Integrating with TestTrack' and 'Integrating with Surround SCM' sections have major updates based on new features and enhancements to the integrations.
See the 'What's New' topic in the user guide or help for more information.

Seapine License Server

The new Seapine License Server Admin Utility Guide explains how to use the new web-based admin utility.

Surround SCM

Changes to the Surround SCM User Guide:
  • The new 'Pushing changes to repositories' topic explains how to update Surround SCM with all changes from your working directory at once.
  • The 'Viewing differences between repositories and working directories' topic was updated with information about the redesigned Working Directory Differences dialog box.
  • The new 'Overriding server options for specific mainline branches' topic explains how to set server options globally and for specific mainlines.
Several Surround SCM third-party integration knowledgebase articles were also added and updated. See the 'What's New' topic in the user guide or help for more information.


The new Upgrading TestTrack 2011.1 or Earlier Native Databases guide explains how to upgrade the TestTrack Server from the old native database format to the new format and answers frequently asked questions. Changes to the TestTrack User Guide and TestTrack Pro Web User Guide:
  • The new 'Configuring Calculated Custom Fields' section includes everything you need to know about configuring and working with calculated fields.
  • The new 'Creating draft custom fields' topic explains how to create new fields without locking TestTrack databases.
See the 'What's New' topic in the user guide or TestTrack Pro Web User Guide, or help for more information.