May 10, 2012

What’s New in Seapine ALM 2012.1 Documentation

Looking for some help with new features introduced in Seapine ALM 2012.1? Look no further. Highlights of documentation additions and changes for each product are below. Remember, all Seapine product documentation is available on our web site and is installed with the application. You can search the PDFs or help to find the new information. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.

QA Wizard Pro

Changes to the QA Wizard Pro User Guide:
  • The new Call Stack pane, which displays the history of function calls made during playback, is described in the ‘Call Stack pane’ topic.
  • The ‘File statements’ topic describes the new statements added to return file information and perform actions on files, such as copying files and comparing file contents.
  • Newly supported HTML 5 controls are listed in the ‘Supported Technologies and Controls’ topic.

Surround SCM

Changes to the Surround SCM User Guide:
  • The ‘Adding date restrictions’ and ‘Adding action restrictions based on user and date’ topics include updates for creating restrictions based on the number of hours before or after file actions are performed.
  • The ‘Customizing toolbars’ section describes Surround SCM’s new default toolbar and provides information about adding buttons, removing buttons, and making other changes to toolbars.


The new TestTrack RM Reviewer User Guide explains how to use the new web-based TestTrack RM Reviewer application for reviewing and commenting on requirements and requirement documents. In the TestTrack User Guide and TestTrack Pro Web User Guide, the new ‘Add to folder action’ and ‘Remove from folder action’ topics describe how to configure triggers and escalation rules to automatically move items in and out of folders.