February 27, 2014

What’s New in Seapine ALM RP 2014 Documentation

Helix ALM
Seapine ALM Reporting Platform (ALM RP) 2014 was recently released and there are some documentation updates you may want to check out to learn about new features and enhancements.
  • Seapine ALM RP now lets you import data from Seapine product databases stored in SQLite. Seapine License Server, TestTrack, and QA Wizard Pro native databases are all stored in SQLite. To import from SQLite databases, you must install the SQLite Importer on any computers that host your Seapine product databases. Read this help topic for information about configuring SQLite imports.
  • The Import Schedule page has several enhancements that make viewing and configuring imports easier. Read this help topic for information about managing imports.
If you’re not yet using the dashboards introduced in ALM RP 2013.1, definitely check them out. The ALM RP help includes everything you need to know about configuring and viewing dashboards. Documentation is available on our web site and from the help button in the ALM RP web application. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.