September 19, 2012

What’s New in TestTrack 2013.0 and QA Wizard Pro 2012.2 Documentation

Helix ALM
Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro 2012.2 and TestTrack 2013.0 were recently released. There are some documentation additions and changes you may want to check out. Remember, all Seapine product documentation is available on our web site and is installed with the application. You can search the PDFs or help to find the new information. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.


Changes to the TestTrack User Guide:
  • The ‘Creating matrix reports’ topic describes how to create new built-in matrix reports to analyze relationships between items in a configurable table format.
  • The new option to copy links when duplicating items is explained in topics about duplicating (e.g., ‘Duplicating issues’, ‘Duplicating requirements’, etc.)
  • The traceability matrix was renamed. You can now find information about traceability in the ‘Analyzing Traceability’ and ‘About traceability analysis’ topics.

QA Wizard Pro

Changes to the QA Wizard Pro User Guide:
  • Information about using the new InvokeJavaScript statement is available in the Statements and Functions book.
  • The ‘Supported Technologies and Controls’ topic includes information about newly-added support for Java AWT and Swing applets running in web pages, and Oracle Forms.