July 9, 2014

What's New in TestTrack 2014.1 Documentation

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2014.1 is chock full of great new features and enhancements. We made lots of additions and changes to the TestTrack documentation to help guide you as you explore the new release. The following help topics will point you in the right direction. Remember, documentation is always available on our web site. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know. Using the Home page Also available in the web client Explains information you can view on the new Home page, including recent project activity, your assigned items, and more. Also explains how to add widgets that a TestTrack administrator can configure for a project. Configuring field value styles Explains how to add, edit, and delete styles to spotlight important information in item lists and reports. You can use different colors, font styles, and icons in each style. Styles can be applied to list values and workflow states. Creating new requirements from existing requirements Also available in the web client Explains how to create new requirements from existing requirements, which can help improve artifact reusability and traceability. TestTrack administrators configure item mapping rules to specify the information copied to new requirements and enforce rules, such as adding new requirements to a document or folder. Integrating with Source Control Tools Explains the source control integrations available with TestTrack and where to get more information about using them. The integration with Git, GitHub, and other providers allows users to attach source files to TestTrack items when pushing changes to the source control server. You can also find information about existing integrations with Surround SCM, CVS, Perforce, Subversion, and Microsoft Visual Source Safe. Exporting project configuration reports Explains how to export details about a project’s configuration to Microsoft Word, which is useful for validation. If you want to use a different look or wording for the report template, you can modify it. Creating matrix reports Explains how to enhance matrix reports by adding columns that contain the same contents of another column, adding an extra header and merging cells to group related columns, and selecting options to display text using styles configured for field values. Trend report types Provides details about each trend report type, including the new ‘Items in each workflow state when the period ended’ option. Setting security options Explains how TestTrack administrators can enable encryption and key exchange for secure TestTrack client/server communication. You can also read details about how TestTrack encryption, authentication, and key exchange work.