January 9, 2015

What’s New in TestTrack 2015 Documentation

Helix ALM
The recent TestTrack 2015 release introduces interactive task boards. We cover everything you need to know about task boards in the TestTrack help. The following topics will point you in the right direction. Remember, documentation is always available on our web site. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.

Configuring task boards

TestTrack administrators will be interested in the following new topics about configuring task boards. Task board configuration best practices Explains how to best configure task boards to match the way your team works, including considerations for workflows and field value styles. Configuring task boards Provides high-level steps for configuring and managing task boards. Default task boards Provides details about TestTrack's default task boards, including the column, card, and swimlane configurations. Adding task boards Provides high-level steps for adding a new task board. Configuring task board columns Explains how to configure task board columns to represent high-level statuses in a project. Configuring task board cards Explains how to configure task board card colors and add additional requirement types to differentiate cards based on type. Also lists the default colors. Configuring task board swimlanes Explains how to configure task board swimlanes to group cards in different ways. Includes examples for grouping by Folder, Relationship, Document, and User. Editing and deleting task boards Explains how to edit task board settings or delete task boards from the TestTrack project. Duplicating task boards Explains how to duplicate task boards to use the same basic configuration as an existing one. Exporting task boards | Importing task boards Explains how to export task boards and import them to another TestTrack project.

Using task boards

Whether you’re a TestTrack administrator or user, you’ll be interested in the following topics about using task boards. Help links for the both the TestTrack native and web clients are provided. Getting started with task boardsNative | Web Explains what task boards are and high-level steps to start using them. Task board componentsNative | Web Provides details about task board cards, columns, and swimlanes, including details about information displayed for each component. Using task boardsNative | Web Explains how to use task boards, including controlling the items displayed, working with swimlanes, changing item status, entering hours on items, performing other actions on items, and performing actions on the selected folder. Setting the task board for a folderNative | Web Explains how to set the task board displayed for a selected folder (for the first time or to change it). Changing task board swimlane groupingsNative | Web Provide details about changing the swimlanes displayed in a task board using the Group by options in the Folders list (Folder, Relationship, Document, User). Explains what is displayed in the swimlane header, the items displayed in the swimlane, and examples for each swimlane type.

Other task board information

The following existing topics also include new information about task boards.

Other information added for this release

Managing user and customer contact information and passwords explains the new password options that were previously only available from the Seapine License Server.