August 20, 2015

What's New in TestTrack 2015.1 Documentation

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2015.1 is packed full of great features and enhancements! We have lots of new documentation and updates to help you discover how to get more out of TestTrack. Remember, you can always find documentation on our web site. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know. Note: Links to both TestTrack native and web client help are provided where applicable.

Using dashboards

Everyone will be interested in how to use dashboards! Learn how to how to open dashboards, show and hide dashboards, switch between different dashboards, interact with widgets, and more. Native client | Web client

Configuring dashboards

TestTrack administrative users and users with high-level security permissions will be interested in the following topics about configuring dashboards and widgets in the TestTrack native client. Configuring dashboards A good place to learn what’s involved in setting up and modifying dashboards. Adding dashboards Provides detailed steps for adding dashboards, including options for layout and controlling access using security groups. Dashboard widget types Explains what data each widget type shows and examples. Adding dashboard widgets Explains how to add widgets. Includes links to specific instructions for each widget type (burn down, burn up, chart, and count). Copying live chart settings to dashboard widgets Explains how to create a chart widget that uses the same settings as an existing live chart.

Example dashboards in sample projects

The TestTrack Sample Project and Sample Scrum projects were updated with some great dashboard examples. These topics provide more information about these dashboards with screenshots.

Usability enhancements

TestTrack has a few usability enhancements that will help you more quickly find items you need to work with or actions you want to perform. Customizing shortcut menus Explains how to customize shortcut (right-click) menus, including adding, grouping, and removing actions. Includes a list of the default menus for different windows. Going to a recently accessed item (Native | Web) Explains how to use the new Recent Items menu to quickly go to items you recently viewed or edited.

Locking items

These existing help topics were updated to reflect that TestTrack now supports locking issues, test cases, and test runs. Locking items (Native | Web) Lists actions that can or cannot be performed on locked items by item type. Adding workflow states Explains the option to lock items that enter a specific workflow state. For administrative users.

TestTrack SDK

If you are developer and use the TestTrack SDK, you’ll be interested in this information to help you get started using the new getRecordListForTableWithQuery operation, which retrieves data based on a JSON query. Retrieving information from the TestTrack Server Explains the two ways you can retrieve data from the server. Creating and validating JSON queries Explains how to easily create JSON queries to use in the new getRecordListForTableWithQuery operation and how to validate existing queries. Supported restriction types Provides details about restriction types supported in JSON queries. Includes examples. JSON query syntax Provides details about the syntax for JSON queries. Includes examples. getRecordListForTableWithQuery A reference topic for the new getRecordListForTableWithQuery operation. Includes an example.


Here are a couple of other help topics you may find interesting. Changing your password Explains how to change your password in TestTrack Web at any time. Modifying Word Templates For TestTrack Requirement Document Exports Explains how to modify the Word templates installed with TestTrack to use formatting and information you need.