November 13, 2015

Working with Team Foundation Server Files in TestTrack

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2015.1.2 and later includes integration support for Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), which allows users to attach TFS source files and changesets to items at check in. An administrative user needs to set up the integration before you can attach or view TFS files.

Attaching source files to TestTrack items

To attach TFS files to TestTrack issues, test cases, or requirements, enter the tag for the item to attach files to in the check in comment. Tags are enclosed in square brackets and include the item type abbreviation, a dash, and the item number (e.g., [IS-34], [TC-12], or [RQ-115]). TFSCheckInDialog

Viewing source files in TestTrack

To view the TFS files attached to an item, click the Source Files tab when viewing or editing the item in TestTrack. If hyperlinks are configured for the TFS provider in the project, you can click a changeset or file path to view additional information about it in TFS. ttViewIssueTFSAttachments