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Methodics was founded on one simple, yet critical, principle: Provide IP lifecycle management technology that helps enterprises achieve their goals and meet customer expectations, and we will achieve our goals.

We enable customers to collaborate on worldwide semiconductor design and accelerate delivery. We do this by providing a traceable platform for IP lifecycle management, including all project metadata, and managing the IP bill of materials across all projects. Methodics helps customers achieve greatness without slowing down delivery by pairing IP lifecycle management technology with our unparalleled expertise. It’s why the world’s largest semiconductor companies rely on Methodics for a stable, secure, and scalable way to manage and reuse IP.

In 2020, Methodics became a part of Perforce, a global leader in software development lifecycleversion control, and code analysis software. The addition of Methodics further expands Perforce’s DevOps at scale offerings for enterprises to achieve full traceability and collaboration on worldwide chip design.

Together with Perforce, we believe that design reuse and traceability are critical to optimizing SoC delivery processes in support of DevOps. To ensure that our customers can leverage technology to meet their time-to-market goals and customer expectations, we continually innovate, developing solutions for planning BoM, IP security assurance, and whatever comes next.

Integrate with Perforce Version Control Tools

Learn more about the Methodics IPLM integration with Helix Core and Perforce Git tools.


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