Get to 100% IP Reuse and Reduce Re-spins

In today’s market, acceleration requires IP reuse. But without a centralized system to manage IP, hardware teams are left searching or recreating designs and software engineers end up tracking versions on a spreadsheet. These manual processes waste time and increase the risk of errors and unnecessary re-spins.

Methodics IPLM provides a scalable IP lifecycle management platform that tracks IP and its metadata across projects, providing end-to-end traceability and enabling effortless IP reuse. Learn more by connecting with an IP expert today.

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IP-Centric Features Semiconductor Teams Need

Traceable IP Ecosystem

Methodics IPLM includes an integrated IP catalog with powerful permission and filtering capabilities. This ensures all members of the design team can find IP (and only the IP) that is available to them.

Every aspect of the IP lifecycle is tracked and visible in Methodics IPLM in easy-to-understand configurable dashboards. Designers can see the projects the IP has been used in, any outstanding bugs, derivative designs, regression status, and much more.

IP Catalog

Simple Workspace Deployment

Workspaces are central to SoC integration. It’s the point where IP and the rest of the design come together. Methodics IPLM includes comprehensive configuration and workspace management. This ensures that designers have access to the data they need and admins can track IP usage and development across the enterprise.

Comprehensive controls enable the administrators to determine the design files, IP, tools configurations, machine resource allocation, and other infrastructure components available to team members.

Detailed IP Release Tracking

Enable Global Notifications

Effective notifications speed up communication, improve overall quality, and can save significant amount of wasted effort in a design.

The powerful notification infrastructure in Methodics IPLM enables users around the globe to be automatically notified when significant events occur. For example, you can be notified of IP releases, bugs, approvals, etc.

Additionally, administrators can define additional customer-specific notification criteria to fit seamlessly into existing design processes.


Customizable Dashboards

Data is key to making informed project decisions. Methodics IPLM integrates a powerful data analytics platform, based on an extensible widget-based design. Default dashboard configurations are provided for common design tasks, such as IP qualification, IP release status, and IP usage information.

Methodics IPLM also includes a first-class RESTful API for custom dashboard development, including company specific reporting, industry compliance, or integration of existing corporate systems.

Customizable Task Specfic Dashboards

Release Workflow Automation

Automating release workflows eliminates the risks associated with manually releasing a design. It ensures that IP blocks are released in the correct order, based on design dependencies.

Methodics IPLM controls dependencies throughout the pre-release and post-release process by managing hierarchical release mechanisms. Once an IP is released, it can be added into the catalog and made available for other teams.

Image Methodics Analog Digital IP Design Management

Iron-Clad Security

A final SoC includes a patchwork of IPs with various origins, quality levels, and sometimes poorly understood attack surfaces. Methodics IPLM offers an IP security assurance solution to mitigate risks.

Because Methodics IPLM provides end-to-end traceability, it makes it easy to manages 100s of IPs and understand each IP’s attack surface. Also, Methodics IPLM enables IP geofencing by allowing and restricting access permissions based on location. This can minimize IP leakage, potentially saving millions of dollars while bringing your organization into compliance.

Parent-Child Aware Defect Tracking

“We realized that we needed a system that helps us manage the IP we have today and supports best practices for IP reuse moving forward. Methodics offered a powerful solution by providing us with a collaborative platform to perform IP reuse more efficiently and in a sustainable, scalable way.”

— Rick Stawicki, Executive Director, EDA Engineering, Maxim Integrated

Perforce Semiconductor Platform

Perforce gives you one central platform to plan, manage, reuse, and track IP.

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IP Lifecycle Management

Methodics IPLM tracks IP and its metadata across projects, providing end-to-end traceability. Teams can browse an enterprise-wide IP catalog, while keeping it secure, preventing leakage.

Design Data Management

Perforce Helix Core scales to manage all your IP and design data with global multi-site replication. You can secure millions of large files including code, binary assets, and artifacts.

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Component & IP Planning Module

The Component & IP BoM Planning Module works with your ERM and manufacturing focused PLM tools to provide high level data on IP that matches your requirements. It enables hierarchical planning on all IPs — 3rd party and internal — that can be used across an organization.

With the Planning Module, you can automate the project workflow and perform requirements-driven analysis to make better IP decisions. This allows teams to understand cost and scheduling impacts before the project starts.

Planning Module

Component & IP Bill of Materials

Component & IP BoM (CIPB) gives you a holistic view of your software and hardware IP. This helps teams deliver a single, unified BoM to manufacturing. No more spreadsheets or confluence pages. Designers and developers can hand off a unified solution.

As IP evolves, it can still be tracked. Methodics IPLM create an IP hierarchy to understand what is included in the final chip. This improves overall quality and reduces re-spins.

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