System on chip (SoC) design has changed radically over the last several years.

It used to involve small amounts of external IP with significant amounts of unique internal design. Now, the majority of the SoC is internal and third party IP is integrated with a small amount of highly differentiated product specific design.

This change has brought higher importance on how these IPs are managed, integrated, and configured.

Build, Manage, and Deliver IP

With IPs taking a more central role in the design cycle, it is beneficial to treat the entire design as a collection of IPs.

By presenting an IP-centric management system, with hierarchical BoMs and workspace management, Methodics IPLM can transform the way users build, manage, and deliver complex products.

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • Defining an "IP."
  • Hierarchical IP as a Bill of Materials.
  • DM-agnostic IP management.
  • Separating IP data and metadata.
  • Workspace management.
  • IP cache.

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