All new projects start with a detailed planning phase. In many teams, planning happens in many stages and involves many aspects of technology choices, vendor commitments, and manufacturing alignment.

One key part of the planning process is to build a plan around the IPs that will be used in the project. These IP choices are driven by the feature set of the project and is best done in the context of an IP management tool.

Clear, Simple Planning With BoMs

Methodics IPLM has traditionally managed an execution bill of materials (BoM). This is a bill of materials that is a hierarchical representation of the IPs and design blocks in the project. It is a detailed, versioned, and rapidly evolving hierarchy that represents all the design aspects of the project.

However, starting with the concept stage, users also need a plan for what they are about to execute — a planning BoM. In this white paper, learn how to use planning BoMs with discussion of:

  • Persistent planning
  • Project, subsystem, and IP-level planning BoMs
  • Linking plan IPs to actual IPs or lines
  • Planning BoM use models

By providing a clear, simple planning space for IPs and lines, the planning BoM naturally extends the capabilities of Methodics IPLM, significantly enhancing the capabilities of the tool and enabling smoother workflows.

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