Version control branching allows teams to develop and deploy software. But to effectively manage projects with multiple developers and releases, you need a branching strategy. This organizes your branches and development resources, allowing you to release on time.

No matter your experience, this version control branching guide will walk you through everything you need to know. Start setting up your projects — and teams — for success with a version control branching strategy.

Use this guide to learn:

How Branching (In Version Control) Works

If you have just started developing, get started here. Branching will allow you and your teammates to work on code at the same time, without duplicating effort. Once you have mastered the basics, you can start building bigger and better projects.

Now that you know the basics, it is time to start organizing your branches. Branching strategies determine when and how developers branch. Picking the right strategy can make a huge difference in your success. And by branching and merging code more frequently, your entire team can be more productive. Implement the right branching strategy to support your parallel development efforts (no matter size of your team or project).

Version Control Options

All version control systems have a way to manage branching and merging code changes. Some tools are better than others when it comes to organizing teams and projects, especially as they grow. So, what makes branching different in certain version control systems? How can you optimize your current system to help teams move faster?

Compare your version control branching options:

How to Automate Your Branching Strategy

If you could ship 20% faster, what would it mean for your team?
Learn how you can overcome challenges and gain velocity by automating your branching strategy.


Perforce Branching Basics

Branching in Helix Core — version control from Perforce — is called Perforce Streams.

Streams makes branching and merging easier. It helps your teams more easily visualize their development environment. Streams is flexible enough to adapt to your branching strategy. Plus, it is powerful and can support thousands of contributors all branching at the same time.

Use Streams to automate development and release processes. It will simplify your branching strategy, no whiteboards or scripts required.

How to Use Perforce — Streams 101

Streams helps your teams branch more and merge without the headache. It organizes thousands of lines of code and keeps your codebase stable and protected. See what Streams can do for your team:

DevOps Best Practices Using Streams

Version control is the foundation for DevOps. For build engineers and release professionals, Streams can accelerate DevOps. See how Streams can organize your projects and streamline CI/CD.


Version Control Branching Best Practices

Helix Core helps your teams work smarter, not harder. With Streams, developers are guided though branching and merging. And you get version control branching best practices built in. It helps your teams visualize changes and accelerates your development and release pipelines.

Start accelerating your workflows with version control branching in Helix Core.

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