Achieve Greater Efficiency and Velocity  

Transform your semiconductor design process from project-based to IP-centric using the IP Maturity Model — a step-by-step blueprint on how to increase efficiencies and scale. Adopting the capabilities in each level will help your team achieve significant cost and time savings through IP reuse, built-in traceability, and unified planning. Here’s how it works.

IP Maturity Model

Level 1
The first step signifies a move from a project-based design flow to an IP-centric one. Now, all design information is captured as IP and centralized in your IP lifecycle management platform as a single source of truth—no more siloed design information and manual release flows.

Level 2
With level two, you begin to see more benefits of an IP-centric design flow. Now that all IP is catalogued and shared, any team working on any project can easily find and consume relevant IPs – boosting productivity as your team can begin reusing IP.

Level 3
Level three is important for growing organizations who have hit the limits of scale or performance. Here, requirements and planning are integrated. Key capabilities include tooling that supports multiple dimensions of scale and performance and enterprise-grade security that protects assets.

Level 4
Level four circles back to traceability. This allows teams to understand what the effects of changes were, and significantly reduces bugs making it to tapeout. A digital thread links IP back to requirements, ensuring verification coverage, safety standards, and compliance.

Level 5
Now you can build unified project plans quickly to understand resource requirements, feasibility, and build vs buy vs reuse. Business insights can be based on real-time project projects with access to customizable dashboards, reporting, and data visualization. The transition from planning to implementation has never been more seamless.

How Is Your Team Handling IP?

Methodics IPLM helps teams like yours manage, catalog, share, and reuse IP, so you can accelerate design. At the same time, Methodics IPLM delivers a single source of truth and full traceability from requirements through design to verification. See how your team can achieve 100% IP reuse with Methodics by watching an on-demand demo.