Cyberattacks continue to advance significantly, progressing past the software layers and seeking to compromise hardware down to the integrated circuit (IC). Compared to software, ICs are much more difficult to patch once fielded — therefore, early identification of potential vulnerabilities is increasingly important. 
In this webinar, OneSpin: A Siemens Business and Helix IPLM by Perforce demonstrates early security verification on a small module of intellectual property (IP) intended for integration into an IC. Using Helix IPLM (formerly Methodics), key technology for IP management and OneSpin 360™ formal verification tools, our technical experts will jointly perform the process recently released for public comment in the Accellera Secure Annotation for Electronic Design Integration (SA-EDI) Standard.

The process includes use perspectives from the IP Provider to identify assets and known security concerns for the IP, in addition to showing how the IP Integrator may use the asset information in further security verification. The process will conclude with the demonstration of several security objectives for the identified assets and how the objectives are verified. The webinar concludes with a live Q&A session.
What can I expect to learn/gain from this webinar?

  • Insight into the Accellera Secure Annotation for Electronic Design Integration (SA-EDI) Standard
  • Where to find accessible information on security weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • As an IP provider: 
    • How to define a security asset in your design
    • How to provide security information on your IP that may be used by customer
  • As an IP integrator (e.g., SoC designer):
    • An understanding of the security protections required for a procured IP
    • How formal properties are used to achieve security objectives, including real-world examples
    • How to manage security attributes with an IP


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John Hallman — Headshot 250x250

John Hallman

Product Manager for Trust and Security, OneSpin Solutions

John Hallman is the Product Manager for Trust and Security at OneSpin Solutions. His work focuses on development of automated tools that check hardware designs for deliberate and unintended vulnerabilities that facilitate adversary attacks. John has 25 years of experience in the electronics industry.
John is an active member in hardware standards including SAE G32, G19A, and the Accellera IPSA Working Group.

Vishal Moondhra, Helix IPLM VP Solutions

Vishal Moondhra

VP Solutions Engineering, Helix IPLM by Perforce

Vishal Moondhra, VP of Solutions Engineering for Helix IPLM, has over 20 years experience in Digital Design and Verification. He has held engineering and senior management positions with innovative startups including IgT and Montalvo, and large multinationals including Intel and Sun. In 2008, Vishal co-founded Missing Link Tools, which built the industry's first comprehensive Design Verification management solution, bringing together all aspects of verification management into a single platform. Methodics Inc. (now Helix IPLM) acquired Missing Link Tools in 2012.