As the semiconductor industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, so has its challenges. Global supply chain issues and high demands due to increased chip usage have caused semiconductors to become more commoditized, and competition is compounding.

With the current pace of innovation overtaking capacity in the semiconductor market, design teams are looking for new ways to accelerate without sacrificing quality.

We recently surveyed semiconductor design professionals — representing a range of job roles, company sizes, and years of experience — on the biggest challenges, trends, and opportunities facing the industry today. They shared their insights on semiconductor design best practices, the future of manufacturing, and its impact on Moore’s Law in our State of Semiconductors Report

Learn how you can prepare for the future to thrive in 2022 and beyond. Join Methodics experts, Simon Butler (General Manager) to review our findings and discuss:

  • How semiconductor trends are impacting organizations.
  • What teams are doing to manage ongoing compliance and traceability concerns.
  • Why organizations are increasingly looking toward component-based design and IP reuse. 
  • What tools industry leaders are using to help teams accelerate. 


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Simon Butler

Simon Butler

Simon Butler is the founder of Methodics Inc., acquired by Perforce in 2020. He is currently the General Manager of the Helix IPLM (formerly Methodics IPLM) business unit at Perforce. Methodics created IP lifecycle management as a new business segment in the enterprise semiconductor space to serve the needs of IP and component-based design. Simon has 30 years of IC design and EDA tool development and specializes in product strategy and design.