With rising global uncertainty, security restrictions on semiconductor technologies can shift rapidly – and carry severe financial penalties for accidental violations. Having an airtight IP security infrastructure is critical in this dynamic landscape.

How do you maintain the security of design assets and related data across globally distributed teams and keep up with changing restrictions – without negatively impacting already stretched design teams and schedules?

Join Vishal Moondhra, Perforce VP of Solutions, to learn:

  • Common scenarios that can result in IP export violations.
  • How the advanced Geofencing capabilities of Helix IPLM (formerly Methodics IPLM) ensure IP security and compliance with rapidly shifting security restrictions.
  • How to reduce compliance overhead with automation.

Connect with one of our IP experts today to learn how Helix IPLM can handle IP security for you – so your team can focus on quality and velocity.

Talk to an Expert

Vishal Moondhra, Helix IPLM VP Solutions

Vishal Moondhra

VP Solutions Engineering, Helix IPLM by Perforce

Vishal Moondhra, VP of Solutions Engineering for Helix IPLM, has over 20 years experience in Digital Design and Verification. He has held engineering and senior management positions with innovative startups including IgT and Montalvo, and large multinationals including Intel and Sun. In 2008, Vishal co-founded Missing Link Tools, which built the industry's first comprehensive Design Verification management solution, bringing together all aspects of verification management into a single platform. Methodics Inc. (now Helix IPLM) acquired Missing Link Tools in 2012.