February 3, 2009

The 2008.2 Release


Since the last release (2008.1) there have been 2,472 individual changes (submits) to our products, for 765 closed jobs (enhancements and bugs.) To give you a taste of what's new, here are some highlights:

-P4DTG now supports Unicode servers, and has a Bugzilla plugin.

-P4Merge can do in-line diffs:


The font is called Terminus.

-P4V can rollback changelists, and the Administration tool has a dashboard with widgets to display various bits of data about your server. For example, here's the disk space usage widget:

Administration tool disk usage widget

-P4Web can outputXML. It can also diff two folders.

-The server (along with P4Web and P4FTP) has ZeroConf support, which allows client programs to discover it on the network without a user needing to know the P4PORT (it's as easy as hitting P4V's "browse" button on the connection dialog.)

In order for you to take advantage of this, you have to have a piece of third-party software on your server and client machines that serves Multi-castDNS. Many Linux distros will have one of these already installed (Avahi, perhaps.) For Windows, an easy option is to grab Bonjour.

Once installed, you can start the server up with the P4DESCRIPTION and P4NAME variables set, or invoke the server from the command-line like this:

p4d -r p4root -p port_num -0 -In "this is the server name" -Id "this is its description"

Note that the "-0" flag is a zero. If the server couldn't connect to the Zeroconf daemon for some reason, it'll keep running, but report an error like "Perforce could not register with zeroconf: error is -1" to its log file.

P4V users browsing for servers advertizing on ZeroConf will see a list like this:

p4v browse

This is a list of servers and proxies advertising their presence to interested clients on the network via Zeroconf.  Unicode is allowed in both the name and description fields, which is useful if you're using a language other than English.  You can also use it to insert silly drawings that will draw the ire of your coworkers.

-P4Report has been ported to Windows64, GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. It can also emit XML and LIMIT the number of rows returned for a query.

For the nitty-gritty, take a gander at the release notes. And as always, we welcome your feedback, since without it we don't necessarily know what you think we've done well, or could improve on.