July 31, 2014

The Benefits of Using TestTrack and Surround SCM: A Customer's View

Surround SCM
Helix ALM
ks85136A few weeks ago, I  shared how Seapine customer Segue Technologies adds story point metrics in TestTrack, which was just one of a series of blog posts Segue did about their use of Seapine's solution. The series is packed with great information; check it out if you missed it the first time around. Segue software engineer Irma Azarian recently added another interesting article to the mix, discussing the benefits Segue has gained from using TestTrack and Surround SCM together:

Surround SCM and TestTrack Pro are part of the same suite and meant to work together fairly seamlessly. When using these two tools together, if a ticket is assigned to a developer, it can be reviewed in TestTrack to retrieve all details. After code changes are completed, they can be checked in and attached to the associated ticket. This process helps keep track of all the application changes and all the work done for each ticket. All the team members and the quality control team can review the details of the tickets and code before testing.

Azarian says using TestTrack and Surround SCM "prevents issues with redundant work requests or issues falling through the cracks," and makes it much easier for Segue to provide great IT services to their many federal, commercial, and non-profit clients. Read the entire article here. Have a great story about how you're using TestTrack, Surround SCM, or any of our other solutions? Let us know in the comments, or give us a shout on Twitter!