January 27, 2016

Better User Experience for Team Collaboration in Swarm 2015.4

Helix Swarm

Perforce rings in the New Year with a new version of Helix Swarm. In release 2015.4, Swarm creates a better user experience for team collaboration.

Shelved Changelists

As users update files or implement a feature, they may want feedback on their work prior to committing changes to the server. To accomplish this, they shelve their changes and request a review. Swarm now makes it easier than ever for users to view their pending shelf changes, request reviews, and view review statuses directly from within the Swarm UI. You can access the shelved changes tab from within the Swarm user profile page.



Add Groups as Project Members

Swarm 2015.4 enables efficient user management by allowing administrators to add a group as a project member when creating a project. All members of the added group (or any of its subgroups) become members of the project. As such, any changes to the group are automatically reflected in the project’s access.



Diff Arbitrary Versions of a Review

At the heart of any review is the ability for users to diff versions of files and comment on changes. Swarm’s diff feature has been enhanced to allow users to diff any two arbitrary versions of a file, not just the last two, thus improving workflow efficiency. 



Download Swarm 2015.4 to access these new features and productivity enhancements that make it easier and more efficient for you to do code reviews and collaborate with your team.