May 25, 2011

Bookmarking in Surround SCM

Surround SCM
One of my favorite new features in Surround SCM 2011.1 is bookmarking. I work on documentation for all of Seapine's products and frequently access several different repositories to find the files I need to work on. When it gets closer to a product release date, I'm frequently checking files out and in to several different branches. Instead of (unsuccessfully) trying to remember where to find the files I need, I can now access them in just a couple of clicks. Surround SCM bookmarks are just like bookmarks or favorites in a web browser. You can create them to access branches, repositories, and files. To add a bookmark, select the branch, repository, or file you want to bookmark and choose Bookmarks > Add Bookmark. You can rename the bookmark when you create it or use the default name. To access a bookmarked branch, repository, or file, select it from the Bookmarks menu or press the keyboard shortcut assigned to the shortcut, which is displayed in the menu. Surround SCM Bookmarks menu You can also access your bookmarks from the Bookmarks toolbar. Make sure you display text on toolbars so you can see the bookmark name (choose View > Toolbars > Text or View > Toolbars > Icon/Text). Surround SCM Bookmarks toolbar As your list of bookmarks grows, you may want to reorder the list to move bookmarks you use most frequently to the top of the list. You can also rename bookmarks. To modify bookmarks, choose Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks. The first nine bookmarks in the menu are automatically assigned keyboard shortcuts. If you want a bookmark to have a shortcut, click Move Up to move it up in the list. Surround SCM Manage Bookmarks dialog Just in the few weeks I've been using Surround SCM 2011.1., bookmarks have already saved me time and frustration when I need to access files, repositories, and branches on our Surround SCM Server.