May 20, 2009

Coming soon: TestTrack RM

Helix ALM
Requirements Management
Requirements traceability is a best practice for developing quality software. The complexity and cost of today's requirements management tools prohibits many companies from realizing their benefits or even purchasing a tool. Well, we've developed a great requirements management solution that reduces complexity and costs less. We call it TestTrack RM. Since the release of TestTrack 2009 in February, it's been full steam ahead for the entire TestTrack team to deliver TestTrack RM. I am excited about the benefits TestTrack RM is going to offer quality-minded companies. Here is what I can share today: When is TestTrack RM shipping? TestTrack RM will ship mid-Summer of 2009. What is the price? We are not announcing TestTrack RM’s pricing at this time. Pricing will be below IBM (Telelogic) DOORs and Requisite Pro. We may have discounts for orders placed before the release date. Will TestTrack RM follow the same licensing model as TestTrack Pro and TestTrack TCM? Yes. TestTrack RM will have both floating and named licenses, which will be managed by our license server. Will TestTrack Studio include TestTrack RM? No. TestTrack Studio will remain the combination of TestTrack Pro and TestTrack TCM. Does it work with my current version TestTrack Pro and/or TestTrack TCM? No. Because they are all part of one integrated application, you will have to upgrade your other TestTrack products to be able to use TestTrack RM. What are the key features of TestTrack RM? Traceability from requirements through testing is a key benefit of TestTrack RM when combined with TCM and Pro. Some of the questions you will be able to answer with TestTrack RM and the rest of our suite are:
  • Do we have test cases to test this requirement?
  • Have functional requirements been written for this high-level business requirement?
  • What would be affected if this requirement changes?
How can I get more information? Information will be posted to this blog and to our twitter feed.