May 4, 2010

Extending the Integration between QA Wizard Pro and TestTrack TCM

Helix ALM
A QA Wizard Pro batch script (.qawbatch) allows you to extend your testing time since you can schedule the script to run overnight when you are out of the office. If you use TestTrack TCM, you can also attach the batch script to a test case to create a unique copy of the script for each generated test run. You can then launch the batch script from TestTrack TCM directly or via the TestTrack TCM scheduler. The QA Wizard Pro Report that is generated is automatically attached to the test run. You can make this process even more flexible and powerful when you take advantage of the parameters that can be included with the batch script. TestTrack TCM contains a default script agent to launch .qawbatch files. This agent can be modified to work with a .bat file that invokes the .qawbatch script along with any other parameters specified in the command line. The script agent will need to ensure that TestTrack TCM can access the generated report in order to attach it to the test run, so the report parameters should not be set outside the script agent. Here are some of the available parameters: /testtrack If a connection to a TestTrack project has been configured through QA Wizard Pro, this will create a defect with a zipped copy of the report when an error occurs. This can be an unexpected error (control not found) or one generated by a failed checkpoint. /remote If the TestTrack TCM client is on a different machine than QA Wizard Pro, use this parameter to send the .qawbatch file to the QA Wizard Pro machine and execute it there. At least one run-time license is required on the remote machine and the QAWRemote executable (C:Program FilesSeapineQA Wizard ProQAWRemote.exe) must be running on it as well. /Dvariable Repository variables are global variables that can be accessed by multiple scripts. You can use this parameter to override values that are currently set in the Application Repository. Make sure that the Prompt check box in the Repository Variable tab is set for each variable being passed. The following .bat file will launch the wysitest.qawbatch QA Wizard Pro batch script file in the C:My Scripts directory and run it remotely on the machine, logging in with the Tester/Seapine combination. If an error occurs during script execution, a zipped copy of the report will be attached to a new TestTrack Pro defect. Testthis.bat: “C:My Scriptswysitest.qawbatch” /testtrack /DUSER=”Tester” /DPASSWD=”Seapine” /remote To view all the available parameters, enter “QAWRunScript /?” at the command prompt. The QAWRunScript executable is located in the install directory (C:Program FilesSeapineQA Wizard ProQAWRunScript.exe).