June 8, 2009

Making the best out of a bad situation

Surround SCM
Recently I had some computer issues that forced me to change computers. I'm sure most of you have gone through something like this, and let's face it, it's not fun. IT was able to put the hard drive from my old computer on an external enclosure so I could transfer my files. Tedious work. I decided to make the best of it. This was a chance for me to only bring in files that I really need.  My wife (sorry ladies) accuses me of being a pack rat, and sometimes I think she is right. Especially when it comes to files. You never know when I might need this file, or when I will need to re install this utility I found on the net. After a couple of years of this, I have been fighting the constant battle for disk space.  So I decided that instead of blindly copying everything to my new shiny hard drive and trying to get back to "normal", I would take the time to go through the files and only save what I truly need. Might as well make the best of this bad situation. I think I ended up deleting about 40 GBs worth of files!!! Anyway, while going through my files I found a document I wrote in 2007 about using Surorund SCM and TestTrack Pro to create release notes and/or distribute change information. I had totally forgotten about it. I opened the document and thought, "you know, this is pretty useful, this is something that someone actually could use". I took the document and created an article on our labs site. I have made a few modifications and used new screenshots. You can find the article here. Here are some things you might learn after reading the article:
  • How to generate release notes from TestTrack.
  • How to include workflow event notes in your release notes.
  • How to make the fix event notes also be the check in event comments (uniformity).
  • How to create a trigger to log change information in Surround SCM.
  • How to create a history report that contains difference information in Surround SCM.
Now, I must admit, the article is a bit long, so grab a drink and a snack before you get started.  Enjoy.