October 23, 2014

New Release of Perforce Server, Shellshock Update and New Tutorial Video Library


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Here's what's new from Perforce in October.

Perforce Server 2014.2 – Security and Performance Improvements

This release offers security and performance improvements—lockless reads are now the default and sync performance has been improved. New features include:

  • Better Security: LDAP/AD integration allows centralization with existing authentication stores
  • Streams Improvements: Write functionality with imported Streams for more flexible component-based development and the ability to delete Streams altogether for ongoing maintenance
  • Smoother Internationalization: Unicode auto-detection of local character set
  • Easier Deployment: RPM/Debian packages make it easier than ever before to install the versioning engine

Download P4D 2014.2 | Release Notes

Shellshock Update – Perforce Response to the Bash Bug

We are aware of recent reports on vulnerabilities in 'bash' that allow an attacker to utilize environment variables to execute arbitrary commands on vulnerable systems under specific conditions. We are not aware of any specific vulnerabilities in Perforce software. However, it is possible that custom trigger scripts or other third-party extensions could be impacted.

If you are utilizing a Perforce-provided OVA (Open Virtualization Archive—virtual machine images we make available for Swarm, Git Fusion, Commons and Insights), you can perform this upgrade by running:

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade

We have also updated our product OVAs to include the patched version of bash. You can download them from our website:

We are continuing to test for any vulnerabilities in Perforce's use of bash, and we will make an immediate announcement if we find any. Read more about our patched OVAs in our blog post, Shellshock Update: Perforce Response to the Bash Bug. Email Support at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Perforce Tutorial Video Library – Now Includes eLearning Courses

The Perforce Tutorial Video Library has been completely redesigned and now includes all of the video content previously available only in the Perforce eLearning courses. This will be the central location for all “how-to” video content and a valuable resource for anyone who needs to get up to speed quickly. New features include:

  • Tutorials organized into virtual courses or viewable on their own
  • Fully searchable text transcripts of every video (including the non-English movies)
  • Larger video player so you don’t need to go full screen

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