August 22, 2007

One more thing...

TestTrack TCM logo If you follow our Web site, you probably have noticed we have announced TestTrack TCM. I'm excited about the productivity and quality improvements it's going to bring to QA teams. The number of companies that have a handle of managing test cases is smaller than it should be, which directly affects the quality of their products. Test case management products, like TestTrack TCM, can change this. We designed this product over a year ago, but we delayed developing it as there were architectural changes we wanted to make to TestTrack Pro prior to extending it to manage other parts of the development lifecycle. We'll be showing TestTrack TCM at SD Best Practices 2006 in Boston next month. Stop by for a demo if you are at the show. There's one more thing... Surround SCM 5 is coming and it is very cool. Surround has always been competitive with the pricing and feature sets of VSS, Perforce, AccuRev, MKS, and PVCS. That's nice, but being the same is pretty boring and not where we want to be. With version 5, we're changing the game. Developers and non-developers alike have expressed a need for more granular control over the change management process and Surround 5 squarely addresses this need like no other product in our space. Like TestTrack TCM, we'll be showing Surround SCM 5 at SD Best Practices. We'll be announcing it on the Web site soon as well. There are more goodies in the pipeline, but I'll save them for another day ;-)