April 18, 2012

Perforce in Visual Studio


visual studio logoAt Perforce we're pretty agnostic about development tools and processes. Whatever your IDE of choice, we want to either offer a great integration or make it easy for someone else to provide one. So, I'm pretty excited to announce our new Perforce Plug-in for Visual Studio (P4VS). This new plugin makes Perforce a first class citizen in the Visual Studio world.


P4VS naturally lets you perform all of your daily interaction with Perforce, like checking in code and viewing file history, directly from the IDE. That in itself is a big win: save a few seconds here and there, and pretty soon you’ve earned yourself an extra coffee break a day.

Accessing basic version control functions from the IDE, like checking in files, is important. But if you’re a power user looking for a bit more, P4VS won’t disappoint you. P4VS is fully compatible with Perforce Streams, and the Stream Graph is accessible from the IDE, along with Time-Lapse View and Revision Graph. If you’re responsible for branch management, you can merge from P4VS as well.

Finally, if you work remotely or want to do a little private branching, P4Sandbox can be configured through P4VS.

A Big Step Up

Many Visual Studio users relied on P4SCC for their Perforce integration in the past, and P4VS will be a big improvement. P4VS is built using P4API.NET, Perforce’s API for the .NET programming environment, and is a fully compliant Visual Studio Integration Package. That means it will be faster, more stable, and integrate more tightly into the Visual Studio environment. It also gives us more flexibility to add new features, like the support for P4Sandbox.

Calling all Beta Testers

P4VS makes Perforce an even better fit in the Visual Studio environment. It’ll be out in beta soon, with a GA release to follow. P4VS will support Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 on 32- or 64- bit Windows operating systems, and works with a Perforce server at version 2006.2 or newer. (Some features may not be available with older servers.)

If you’re interested in participating in the beta program, please email us. We’re particularly interested in knowing whether P4VS gives you a complete version control solution in the Visual Studio world. Is there anything we left out? Try the beta and let us know!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about P4VS, or you’re a Visual Source Safe (VSS) user looking for a better solution as VSS reaches the end of mainstream support, check out this webinar.