June 3, 2014

Product Update: P4Search, New Releases of Swarm, Commons, Insights, and P4VS, and Git Fusion Patch

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This month we are excited to announce P4Search, our new content-based search tool, and new releases of Perforce Swarm, Commons, Insights, and P4VS. We’ve also introduced new features that make review workflows more customizable for your needs. And please note a critical patch update for Git Fusion is now available.

P4Search - Perforce Search Tool

To enable content-based search across your Perforce environment, integrate P4Search with Swarm, Commons, or P4Web. Or build integrated search into your own tools using a RESTful API.

Download P4Search 
Release Notes

Perforce Swarm 2014.2 - Branch Moderators, Required Reviewers and Project Owners

We’ve improved the access control model in Swarm, added new usability enhancements, as well as the option to deploy Swarm using our RPM and Debian packages to automate installation and future updates. In Swarm, you can now:

  • Give branch moderators exclusive rights to approve reviews
  • Optionally require reviewers to provide feedback on reviews
  • Give project owners exclusive rights to configure projects and branch settings
  • Easily attach text or image files to comments in Swarm for added context
  • Credit review authors for reviews committed within Swarm

Download Swarm 2014.2
Release Notes

Perforce Commons 2014.1 - Advanced Search Capabilities

The latest release of Commons is pre-integrated with P4Search and offers space-wide search for file names, file metadata, and file content.

Download Commons 2014.1
Release Notes

Perforce Insights 2014.1 - View Projects by File Type and Extension

Compatible with Perforce Server 2014.1, this release includes new plugins to view projects by file type and extension.

Download Insights 2014.1
Release Notes

P4VS, Perforce Visual Studio Plugin and P4API.NET 2014.1

Compatible with Perforce Server 2014.1, this release of P4VS improves performance for remote teams. New features include:

  • Support for Greek character encoding
  • Improved API documentation
  • P4API.NET support for promoting shelved files and limiting shelving to changed files only

Download P4VS 2014.1
Release Notes

Download P4API.NET 2014.1
Release Notes

Critical Patch for Perforce Git Fusion 2014.1

Anyone using Git Fusion in production should upgrade to this patched version. To upgrade, follow these instructions:

  • Download and install the Git Fusion patch
  • After installing, run the repo test tool provided with the patch. For details, read this article.

Download Git Fusion 2014.1
Release Notes