February 8, 2009

Surround SCM Charts

Surround SCM

Works with Surround SCM 2009

This example uses Microsoft .NET charts to create a stacked column chart that reports on check-in activity per branch per month. Figure 1 below illustrates how the chart may look like:

Figure 1 - Sample Chart

The chart was created as a Microsoft Sharepoint webpart, but the since the chart control is not exclusive to Sharepoint, this could be implemented in any ASP.NET based web site. The same approach could be taken with other third party controls.

About the web part

This web part was developed in Visual Studio 2005, with the code written in C#. The chart was tested against a Microsoft SQL 2008 database.


You can download the web part from here.


You can find some high level instructions on how to deploy a web part here, but you should consult your Sharepoint documentation and/or Sharepoint administrator before deploying the web part.


The web part queries the SQL Server that houses the Surround SCM database. The connection parameters must be configured for the Web Part to work. Once the web part has been added to a page, select Modify Shared Web Part from the dropdown options menu. The CIMonth window opens, as shown on figure 2 below.

Figure 2 - SCMWebPart Connection Settings
The following parameters are required: Data Source – Enter the host name of the SQL Server User – Enter the username to use to connect to the SQL Server. The user only needs to be able to query the server. The safest approach is to use a user that does not have permissions to modify the database. Password – Enter the password for the user above. The password will be visible in clear text. Another reason why you should use a user that can only query the database. Database – Enter the name of the database where you store the Surround SCM mainlines. Chart Title - The default chart title is Check-ins by Branch and Month. You have the option of changing the title to something else. Chart Width - The default width of the chart is set to 800 pixels. You have the option of changing the width to a different value. Chart Height - The default height of the chart is set to 350 pixels. You have the option of changing the width to a different value.