August 26, 2010

Surround SCM: Open with Finder or Explorer

Surround SCM
A week or so ago I was working on "owner code reviews" for changes made during the Surround SCM 2011.0 development process. Part of our code review process is that every source code file is "owned" by a developer and, when another developer makes a change to a file you own, you review it. While I was reviewing files it occurred to me that it would be really nice if the Surround SCM GUI Client had an "Open with Finder" or "Open with Explorer" option that made it easy to open a file with the default application configured for that the particular file extension. For example, Qt UI files would open with "Qt Designer", header and source files (.h, .c, .cpp) would open with Xcode, etc. I pitched this idea to another developer on the team and, as it turns out, the Surround SCM GUI Client already has that ability. I figured that since I was unaware of it, it would be a great topic for my next blog post. To activate this feature: 1) Launch the Surround SCM GUI Client 2) Open the User Options dialog (Tools -> User Options) 3) Select "View/Edit File" in the pane on the left side. 4) Select "All other text files" ("View") and click the "Edit..." button. 5) Select "Associated Application" from the "Open files with:" combo box. 6) Click "OK". 7) Repeat 4-6 for the remaining file types. View/Edit Settings Dialog Now try it out. Select a file from the source view window, right-click (CTRL-click),  and select "View File" or "Edit File". The default application for the selected file should launch.