August 17, 2010

Surround SCM Webinar Recording: Streamline Your Development Environment

Surround SCM
Thanks to everyone who joined us last week for the 'Streamlining Your Development Environment with Surround SCM' webinar. Wesley Workman, Surround SCM software engineer, reviewed automation, customization, and integration features that can help you spend less time grappling with tools and more time coding.

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1. Anything new for Dreamweaver integration or plans for it? There is a bug in CS5 that prevents smooth integration. If you have an existing project that was migrated from CS4 you should have no problems. If you are creating a new project with CS5 there is a workaround. You need to add a string to this registry location: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSeapine SoftwareSurround SCMSCM Client The registry value should be called 'SCCDWSite_SITENAME' (where SITENAME is the name of the site) and the string is the user’s working directory path. Then the site definition file needs this snippet for Dreamweaver to call into Surround SCM’s DLL: <serverlist> <server servermodel="" servertype="remoteServer" weburl="http://localhost/" connectionsmigrated="FALSE" serverobjectsversion="1" defaultdoctype="HTML"    accesstype="sourcecontrol" name="Remote%20Server" maintainSyncInfo="TRUE" autoUpload="FALSE" enablecheckin="TRUE" checkoutname="administrator" checkoutwhenopen="TRUE" emailaddress="" scstype="Surround%20SCM"/> </serverlist> 2. Do you support Web Services via SOAP? We do not currently offer a SOAP web service. However we do offer a .NET and Java API and it would be relatively easy to create your own SOAP API using ASP (with the .NET API) or JSP (with the Java API). 3. What is the turnaround time for adding features to the API? Is this linked to the Surround SCM development cycle? Yes, it is an actively managed and developed API. New features are added to the API based on customer feedback and as new features are added to Surround SCM.