July 20, 2010

Surround SCM Webinar: Streamline Your Development Environment

Surround SCM
Version Control
We know you’re constantly looking for ways to spend less time grappling with tools and more time writing code. Join us on Thursday, August 5, as Wesley Workman, Surround SCM software engineer, reviews automation, customization, and integration features from his unique perspective as a Surround SCM developer and user. During this 60-minute webinar, he will discuss:
  • Ways to script and automate repetitive tasks through the Surround SCM API
  • How to simplify complex tasks, such as build creation and code review, with custom client menus
  • Tips for Xcode, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Eclipse integrations
If you’re looking for the time-saving benefits of increased automation and seamless IDE integration, you can’t afford to miss this event. Register now!