May 26, 2017

Helix Versioning Engine 2017.1

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Helix Versioning Engine 2017.1 Releases Now Available

Faster and Better Than Before

The Helix Versioning Engine 2017.1, released on Tuesday, features support for both Helix Core and our new Git solution, Helix4Git. Both solutions boast key improvements to performance, CI at scale, visibility, control, and day-to-day workflow efficiency.


Helix Versioning Engine supports all environments with two unique solutions:

The Helix Versioning Engine supports all teams, all environments, and all assets as the single source of truth in product development – no matter what you develop, and no matter how you do it!

  • Helix Core — our traditional, P4D functionality that you know and love – file-based versioning, granular permissions, binary asset support, etc.
  • Helix4Git — faster build processes and built-in mirroring of shared Git content — multi-repo visibility, mixed asset projects, and support for multiple Git tools.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new in Helix Core 2017.1:


Faster File Transfers? Yes, please.

Helix Core 2017.1 dramatically improves performance over high latency networks. In fact, sync and submit between servers up to 16 times faster! If that doesn’t boost your users' productivity, what will?


Introducing Helix4Git


Native Git Storage with Speed and Scale.

Helix4Git leverages our new depot type, Graph Depot, to offer users Helix functionality for stopping Git sprawl in its tracks and/or managing CI at scale — 40 to 80 percent faster builds, for example. Now, Graph Depot stores Git data natively in Helix, eliminating common scalability issues that you would encounter in other Git solutions.

*Helix4Git is licensed separately, so contact [email protected] to discuss your options.

And a Whole Lot More…

  • Move files to new depot locations or branches with a single instruction — no prior editing necessary.
  • Control which TLS versions, or range of versions, the server will accept a connection from for tighter security measures.
  • Filter/Search a remote spec by name.
  • Monitor server capacities and unusual activities

For more details on the Helix Versioning Engine, visit here

To learn more about the latest release of Helix Core, including release notes, visit the What’s New page.

Want to improve your multi-repo Git environments? Try Helix4Git for free today.

Best Regards,

Kuntal Das

Principal Product Manager