May 13, 2016

P4Nagios: Helix Monitoring for the Enterprise

Version Control
If your organization has to manage multiple servers, then you probably already know about or are using an infrastructure monitoring suite such as Nagios. There are lots of different suites out there, but most rely on plugins to monitor the status of hosts and the applications that run on them.
There is currently no official plugin for Helix, so I decided to provide an example of how a plugin could be written using 'bash' and I've called the project 'P4Nagios'.
Don't let the name fool you- this script was written for and tested against Nagios, but the behavior can be customized by editing the variables section of the plugin itself, or through command line arguments. Therefore, it should be usable from most monitoring suites.
P4Nagios can alert on:
• inaccessible P4D service.
• imminent P4D license expiry.
• excessive concurrent P4 commands.
• replication status (when monitoring the replica).
• lack of available P4D disk space.
When one of these alerts is triggered P4Nagios can even suggest probable causes and how to fix the problem. For example:
P4Nagios is available now in the Perforce workshop so please give it a try, let me know what you think and feel free to join the project and help me improve it.