April 21, 2016

What’s New in Surround SCM 2016

Version Control

Surround SCM 2016 is now available and it includes some great new features you don’t want to miss out on. Here’s a quick look at what’s new.

Capture electronic signatures and run audit trail reports for compliance purposes

To meet Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements, you can enable electronic signatures for workflow states to track when files move to the state and who signed off on the files in that state. Signature records are stored in the mainline database, and you can run audit trail reports to validate and review the records during an audit or for other compliance purposes. Perform the following tasks to capture electronic signatures and create audit trail reports. 1. Configure workflow states that require an electronic signature. You can add new states or edit existing ones to change the signature requirements. More infoscm2016AddSigRequiredState 2. Configure compliance server options to specify the electronic signature settings, such as the signature components and the certification message to include with signatures. More infoscm2016ComplianceOptions 3. Users responsible for signing off on files set states on files and enter their electronic signature. More infoscm2016EnterSignature 4. Create and run audit trail reports to review electronic signature information, such as when files entered specific states and the users who entered signatures. More infoscm2016AuditTrailReport

Reset files to default workflow states when versions change

Administrative users can configure workflow states to automatically reset to the default state if the file version changes. This helps ensure files are not left in an incorrect state when they are updated. For example, you can configure the Reviewed state to reset to the default state to automatically restart a review workflow when additional changes are checked in. More info

Run reports from the Source Tree window

There are two new ways to run reports on files from the Source Tree window. You can quickly create and run one-time use reports from the Tools > Quick Reports menu. You no longer need to open the Reports dialog box first to create reports you don’t need to save. More info You can also create custom shortcut menu items to run saved reports when you right-click repositories. Before you can run reports this way, you need to create a plug-in for the menu item and add it to the repository shortcut menu. More infoscm2016CustomReportShortcutMenuItem

View syntax highlighting in the built-in file viewer and editor

Enable syntax highlighting to show specific text in different styles and colors in the built-in file viewer and editor. This makes file contents easier to read when you view and edit files, perform code reviews, and search for text in files. More infoscm2016EditFileSyntaxHighlighting

Learn more about Surround SCM 2016

Check out the release notes and help to learn more about Surround SCM 2016.