Helix ALM Automates Issue Tracking and Maintains Compliance for Online Healthcare Learning Center

What began as a solution to automate a slow manual process is now an essential tool for Thomas Andrew Hobson’s critical role as Head of IT for online healthcare learning solutions provider, ES ASUR.  Helix ALM has been crucial not only for efficiently tracking bugs and feature requests, but also something invaluable: peace of mind.

Helix ALM gives peace of mind with:


Simplified Reporting

Automated Tracking


Centralized Data

I have less mess on my desk.

And my mind is at peace. I’m more confident I’m not going to forget something."

Maintaining Compliance with Quality Standards

ES ASUR is a learning center for emergency response health professionals. Located in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, it provides theoretical and practical courses for professionals — like EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician) and ambulance drivers — who need certification or recertification. The school has to be compliant with a number of standards, including ISO 9001, eduQua, and Swiss School Impulse.

Thomas Andrew Hobson (Andrew) is in charge of IT at ES ASUR. Three years ago, Hobson was part owner at NordSoft S.a r.l. It’s here he sought an issues management solution. Hobson explains that he was tracking bugs manually, which is a common means of issues management for smaller-scale companies. But, as the workload grew, these important notes became a pile of papers that was difficult to organize. Keeping track of the most recent changes was a challenge, as was creating reports from the information. And it was time-consuming to ensure information didn’t get lost.

Hobson quickly found what he needed in Helix ALM, formally known as TestTrack. With it, he was able to create, track, prioritize, and resolve issues. He could quickly see the current status of any issue, and generate reports with ease. It’s proven so valuable that he personally brought it to use in his role at ES ASUR, where he is both a programmer and head of the IT department.  

“My working days are quite busy, and this is a great tool to stay efficient. If you’re in such a situation, it’s worth the investment.”

ES ASUR develops and maintains its own in-house software to run the business. It’s used for day-to-day management of the school, including the admissions procedure, invoices, and letters. Hobson relies on Helix ALM to manage bug tracking and features requests for the in-house software.

Helix ALM gives him the ability to prioritize issues, and it centralizes his data for easy, accurate reporting and statistics. He notes that it’s a simple process to produce robust reports, like his yearly quality management review.

“It makes it easy for me to track what bugs and problems we had each year, and how we fixed them – which is required for proving compliance during annual audits.”

Image Customer ES ASUR Helicopter

Making Innovation Easier

ES ASUR is always striving to improve. With the ever-evolving nature of the industry it serves, innovation is necessary to attract students. So they continuously look for new courses to create and new content to add to existing courses.

“We have to innovate, we have to show new things to be attractive for people to enroll into our courses. So it's a very demanding process, and we always need to have new ideas.”

Hobson says that Helix ALM is helpful in the ongoing innovation because it keeps information organized and accessible. And it has the speed to keep up with changes.

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The Power of Helix ALM

Companies don’t all structure work the same way. Some use more Agile methods, while others use more traditional strategies, like Waterfall. And it’s common for a company to utilize a combination of methodologies to meet its needs. Helix ALM — and all the modules within the Helix ALM suite — offer the configurability necessary to adapt to any workflow.

Helix ALM includes requirements management (Helix RM), issue management (Helix IM)  and test case management (Helix TCM). It can even integrate with tools like Jira, so you can choose only what you need and still get end-to-end traceability.

Learn more about the efficiency of Helix ALM. Try it free for 30 days, and see if it brings you peace of mind.

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