Helix Core and Microsoft Integrations

What Helix Core Does

Helix Core is the lightning-fast, high-performance version control software that Perforce customers rely on to securely manage all digital content — even large files — in a single repository and quickly deliver files to large, global teams.

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What Helix Visual Client Does

Helix Visual Client is the Windows desktop application that gives you access to all your versioned files in Helix Core. Key features include: an intuitive graphical user interface, quick access to code reviews and CI workflows, and robust merge and diff.

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Helix Visual Client (P4V) is the desktop app that gives you easy access to your versioned files in Helix Core.

Helix Core Plugins and APIs for Microsoft

Microsoft Visual Studio

Helix Plugin for Visual Studio (P4VS) seamlessly embeds Helix Core enterprise-class version control features. Without ever having to leave the Visual Studio IDE, developers can login/logout, add, edit, revert, and diff.

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Windows File Explorer

Helix Plugin for File Explorer (P4EXP) gives users transparent access to Helix Core functions from the standard Windows 10 File Explorer context (right-click) menu. This makes functions like check-in/check-out a breeze for both novice and expert users. It is ideal for users who don’t need full access to some of the more developer-oriented features of Helix Core.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Code Plugin

Created by game developer Stef Levesque, Perforce for VS Code has been installed almost 50,000 times. With this tool you can access major Helix Core functions such as login/logout, add, edit, revert and diff, right from within the Microsoft Visual Studio Code interface.

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API for Version Control

For developers who want to extend the functionality of Helix Core to integrate with additional tools, the Helix Core API for .NET (P4API.NET) is ready. Control your connection to the Helix Core server and enhance your build automation by running multiple commands through a single connection. Plus, this plugin delivers C# sample code to get you started in the Microsoft .NET world.

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Graphic Tools Plugin for Windows

Version control is vital to better manage and facilitate collaboration between designers and developers. The Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools (P4GT) brings Helix Core version control integration to artists and designers. They can streamline their work from within the Windows tools they use the most, such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk, 3ds Max, Maya, and more.

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Helix TeamHub and Microsoft Integration

What Helix TeamHub Does

Helix TeamHub is a Git management tool that scales for larger teams, supports multi-repository projects, and empowers enterprise DevOps. This solution improves Git build performance by up to 80 percent and also supports Docker, Maven, and Ivy for built-in artifact management.

How the Microsoft Integration Works

You can access Helix TeamHub within the Windows platform via Git command line tools, Visual Studio, or Microsoft VS Code. Built in Visual Studio Git functionality allows you to push, pull, and clone from Helix TeamHub using the easy Visual Studio SCM integration.

Access Helix TeamHub within the Windows platform via Visual Studio.

Helix ALM and Microsoft Integration

What Helix ALM Does

Helix ALM is an end-to-end ALM tool. Development and QA teams use Helix ALM to get traceability across the development lifecycle — from requirements to tests to issues.

Export and view your defects from ALM in Excel.

How the Microsoft Integration Works

Helix ALM integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel to help manage development requirements, issues, and tests. You can also collaborate over email using Outlook, import your and export existing documents ALM requirements using Word, and export and view your defects from ALM in Excel.

Microsoft Visual Studio supports Helix ALM so you can manage issues, view your assigned items, and add tasks without leaving the Visual Studio IDE.

Helix QAC and Microsoft Integration

What Helix QAC Does

Helix QAC is a static code analyzer for C/C++. It analyzes code, automatically enforces coding rules, and ensures compliance. Developers use Helix QAC to prevent, detect, and eliminate defects.

How the Microsoft Integration Works

Helix QAC integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio. This integration allows you to kick off an analysis and view the results within a window pane in Visual Studio.

Helix QAC analyzes code in Microsoft Visual Studio.

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