June 25, 2015

20 Years and Counting!

Today marks a major milestone for Seapine Software as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. In 1993, I left the relative safety of a full-time engineering management position and joined my wife, Kelly, in the lucrative, yet risky world of consulting. One reason for leaving was to scratch the itch to bring a product to market and start a company that would leverage our backgrounds and embody our values. In 1994, I started writing TestTrack on the Macintosh, and in June of 1995, Kelly and I incorporated Seapine Software. TestTrack User ManualWe shipped TestTrack in March of 1996. Our first customer was an Atlanta, GA-based company named Digital Orchard, and we mailed them a set of 3 1/2" diskettes along with a printed user guide. We still have a number of customers from that first year, which is very fulfilling. So much has happened over the past 20 years! Some facts:
  • We started the company in our basement with just the two of us. We now have 60 employees and over 8,500 customers worldwide.
  • We moved out of the basement into an office building in 1999. We moved twice more, and in 2012 we built our company headquarters with plenty of room to expand.
  • We had one office. Now, in addition to our headquarters in Mason, Ohio, we have offices in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.
  • We started with TestTrack for defect and issue tracking. Today, TestTrack also covers test case management and requirements management. We also offer functional automated testing and load testing with QA Wizard Pro and collaborative version control with Surround SCM.
  • We hosted our web site on a Macintosh SE/30 connected to the internet with dual ISDN lines. Today we have redundant fiber connections from multiple carriers entering our building from different routes.
[caption id="attachment_17079" align="aligncenter" width="723"]Early Seapine at 1066 Seapine Court Early Seapine at 1066 Seapine Court[/caption]

So what’s next for Seapine?

We have a lot of exciting enhancements coming this year across the product line, continuing our philosophy of multiple releases of each product per year. TestTrack and Surround SCM will see major updates later this summer, and I'm confident you'll be happy with the results. We also have big plans for test automation. We've always believed automated testing can have a big impact on quality and time-to-market. The trick is making it approachable and accessible, so our plans for QA Wizard Pro fall along those lines. More to come on this in the near future. Long term, we will continue to chip away at the challenge of helping companies improve the quality of complex products through better communication, visibility, and automation. And, we will remain committed to helping you manage your processes your way--whether it's waterfall, Agile, or some combination that works best for you. The past 20 years have been exciting, challenging, and rewarding. As I mentioned earlier, we have active customers who have taken the entire journey with us—having purchased in the first few months after Kelly and I released TestTrack from the basement of our house on Seapine Court. I’m eager to see what the next 20 years will bring. P.S. We have redesigned our web site many times since 1995, with this being version 11. See what version 1 looked like in November 1995.