June 22, 2010

About TestTrack TCM Test Runner

Helix ALM

Some of the features mentioned in this post were deprecated with the release of the unified web client in TestTrack 2013.1. To upgrade, visit http://www.seapine.com/ttupgrades.php.

TestTrack TCM Test Runner is a light-weight web client that allows testers to easily run manual tests and record results using a browser, eliminating the need to install and continuously update native TestTrack clients for QA team members who only need access to test runs. www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ37P7rvJiE

What you see is what you get

  Once the web server hosting the TestTrack Server has been configured for Test Runner, testers just need a license, login information, and the Test Runner URL to begin running tests from the supported browser of their choice. They can log into Test Runner to view test runs assigned to them, gather the information needed to set up the test environment, and run the test. When running the manual test, testers can perform TestTrack actions to show where the test is in the workflow all the way to completion. Of course, if email is enabled for the project, testers can also email managers or other team members directly from Test Runner.