March 17, 2009

Risk Score Generator

Application Lifecycle Management

Works with TestTrack 2008 and later

User pain, risk, weighted priority. It goes by different names, but the concept is the same. You're looking for a way to go beyond basic priority numbering or severity scales and add some intelligence to how you schedule bug fixes. This application will do exactly that. It allows you to configure an equation, using fields you've already set up in TestTrack Pro, which then calculates a risk or priority score for every issue in the database. There's also a cmd-line component that could be integrated into your automation rules to keep scores up to date as issues change or new issues are added.

Getting Started

After you've installed the application, you can view the ReadMe and launch the client from the Program Menu.


Connect to your TestTrack project, and define the equation for calculating scores.


Once you've defined an equation, you can preview score updates. If you're happy with the results, update TestTrack.


Now that the data is in TestTrack you can report on it using the built-in reports.

Excel Charting

Additionally, you can optionally download the data in csv format for more in-depth analysis in Excel.

Download - contains the installer, which installs the application, documentation, and source code.