May 18, 2012

Automatically Emailing QA Wizard Pro Results

Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro can keep you and other team members informed about playback results with email notifications. You can configure email notifications that are automatically sent to specific people when script, batch, and load test playback is complete. How often the team is notified is up to you—you can always send emails after playback, only when tests complete successfully, or only when tests fail. Keep in mind that the email notifications you configure apply to all tests run from the computer QA Wizard Pro is installed on. Emails can only be sent from QA Wizard Pro 2012.0 and later. To configure email notification options, choose Tools > Options and click the Email tab. Options dialog box - Email tab Follow these steps to set up notifications.

1. Specify when to send emails

Select when you want QA Wizard Pro to send emails from the ‘Send email notification’ menu.
  • Never—Never sends email after tests run
  • On Success—Only sends email if playback completes successfully
  • On Failure—Only sends email if playback fails
  • Always—Sends email after every playback session

 2. Enter the mail server information

Enter the SMTP host, port, username, and password to use to send email. Select Use SSL encryption if you want to encrypt the mail server connection.

3. Enter the sender and recipient addresses

  • Enter the sender’s email address in the From field.
  • Click Add to add the email recipients. Enter the email address for each recipient. Separate multiple addresses with a semicolon or comma.

4. Enter the email subject and message

By default, the Subject and Message body fields contain field codes. These codes are replaced with information from the specific test that triggers the email. You can use any combination of following field codes and other static text for the subject and message
Field codeDescriptionValues displayed in emails
%RUN_TYPE%Specifies the type of test runBatch Run, Script Run, Load Test Run
%RUN_RESULT%Specifies the test resultSuccessful, Failed
%RUN_FILETYPE%Specifies the type of filesBatch File, Script Files, Load Test Files
%RUN_FILELIST%Specifies the test file namesBatch file: Batch file nameSingle script: Script nameMultiple scripts: All script names separated with commas

5. Optionally enable reports

Emails can include run reports as attachments if you set the option to generate reports after playback. Click the Reporting tab and select Generate report after every playback session to generate reports. Options dialog box - Reporting tab

6. Save the changes

Click OK in the Options dialog box to save the changes. Emails are sent the next time scripts are run from the computer.