June 29, 2012

Backing Up TestTrack Native Databases

Helix ALM
If you use TestTrack 2012 or later, you can now back up native project databases using the new TestTrack Native Database Backup Command Line Utility. Using the utility, you can back up projects without stopping the TestTrack Server, but there are some caveats to this approach. See the Backing Up TestTrack Native Project Databases guide for information. You need to run the utility from a command shell (Unix) or a DOS prompt (Windows) on the TestTrack Server computer. You can schedule backups using Cron (Unix) or Task Scheduler (Windows) to make sure they occur on a regular basis. The utility updates the backup even users continue to make changes during the process. The backup is stored in a .zip file, which makes it easy to restore projects if you experience issues. Keep in mind that the utility only backs up TestTrack native projects and not TestTrack Server databases or projects that are stored in RDBMS databases, such as SQL Server. If you need information about backing up server databases, RDBMS databases, and older project versions, see the Backing Up TestTrack Databases knowledgebase article.