July 29, 2016

Breaking the Barriers to Agile Adoption Webinar – Q&A and Video

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who attended the Breaking the Barriers to Agile Adoption webinar. Video and Gordon's Q&A follow. https://youtu.be/jaSouNZdtwc


Q: Is there any documented evidence that Agile accelerates medical device projects? Great question! I'm not aware of any studies that prove this. Perhaps someone else has a link to studies about Agile and medical device projects...please comment if you do. Each year, we survey medical device development professionals. In 2015, nearly half of the respondents said they were doing some form of Agile. You can download the survey report to learn more. While this doesn't provide evidence about Agile accelerating medical device projects, it does support the idea that Agile can be adopted in safety-critical environments. Q: What do you mean by automating change management? I simply meant using things like impact analysis and suspect flagging. Basically, because you are managing each item as an identifiable record, you can link them. Linking allows the tool to automate lots of incredibly time-consuming tasks, such as maintaining a traceability matrix. If your tool doesn't help automate these types of tasks, you won't be able to keep up with the level of change that you need to be successful with Agile. Q: Does TestTrack have a checklist function? No, but you can use custom fields to create a checklist. For example, let's say you have a Done event that requires an electronic signature. You can create custom checkbox fields and require users to select each checkbox before they can enter their electronic signature. Q: Can you link bugs to user stories in TestTrack? Yes, you can link anything to anything in TestTrack. You can also create a defect at the click of a button directly from a user story. This copies any info from the user story and automatically links the story and defect together. Q: Is the "Linked Items" field new in TestTrack 2016? Yes it is! Wondering what else you may have missed? Review the release notes. Q: Will you be providing a step-by-step instruction guide on how to configure TestTrack for this Agile approach? Please email Gordon Alexander for help with this. Q: Is there a way to show changes in document view vs. history (like Word Compare)? Yes, with snapshots. Check out the help to learn more. Q: Can you "snapshot" test cases? The snapshot functionality is only for documents. However, a test run is a copy of a test case at a point in time; you could think of it as a snapshot of an individual test case. Also, here's a tip—use the “regenerate” option to create a test run from an existing one if you ever want to run an old version of a test case.