July 29, 2014

Breaking Down Requirements in TestTrack

Helix ALM
Requirements Management
We've made breaking down requirements much easier with TestTrack 2014.1. Now you have the ability to create requirements and tasks from another requirement with a single click. Let's take a simple example, where you're creating system specs from product requirements and then breaking down each system spec into a set of tasks for the team. Using Item Mapping Rules, you can quickly create the logic necessary to enable single-click creation of a task from a system specification. ReqBreakdown To get started, go to Tools > Administration > Item Mapping Rules and click Add to create a new mapping rule. At the top of that dialog, you select the item types to map, here we're creating a Task from a Technical Specification. ItemMappingRules There's a default set of field mappings that will be created, but you're free to change those however you like. Also, don't skip over the options at the bottom. They might seem minor but they save a lot of frustration. So first, you'll probably want to automatically add the task to the folder with the related specification. This keeps everything grouped together and makes managing the release schedule easier and more reliable. Second, be sure to select the appropriate link definition. Finally, you might want to turn off the prompt to save your users an extra click and avoid people making inappropriate changes to the linking. When you're finished with configuration, save your new mapping and then open a Technical Specification. Here's what you'll see-notice the new Create Task ... button in the bottom-left corner. When users click this button, a task will be created using the data from the technical spec based on the mappings you set up. TechSpec