June 9, 2016

Closing the Gap Between Risk and Requirements [Webinar]

Requirements Management
ClosingGapwebinar_blog_300x200How hard is it to keep your risk register updated as requirements change? Do you know the current status of your mitigating actions? Can you assign actions, see who is responsible for each action, and see if they are making progress? And, most importantly, can you relate all this information back to your requirements? If you’re managing risk in Excel but your requirements are in a separate tool, you are creating a gap that has significant time costs to manage and increases the possibility of errors. Join Gordon Alexander, Seapine Software solutions consultant, on Wednesday, June 22 to learn more about Closing the Gap Between Risk and Requirements. Gordon will explain how an integrated risk and requirements management solution, like TestTrack, can save you time and help you systematically and continuously manage risks and requirements. Using an FMEA as a practical example of an integrated risk management process, you’ll learn how to:
  • Review requirements and create risks that are automatically linked to their requirements
  • Use configurable rules to instantly calculate the RPN and risk levels
  • Efficiently manage the status of an FMEA review
  • Manage missing or unprocessed reviews, risks, or actions using built-in traceability tools and matrix reports
  • Provide visibility into requirement changes and their impact on risk