March 17, 2011

Configuring Electronic Signatures in TestTrack

Audit & Compliance

TestTrack provides several ways to implement electronic signatures. Depending on your industry and compliance needs, the implementation will vary.

Enabling Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures are not enabled by default. To enable them, go to Tools > Administration > Project Options. Under Compliance, choose the TestTrack item type that should require electronic signatures. 

TestTrack Project Options

If you have more than one product in TestTrack, you have the flexibility of requiring electronic signatures for specific item types. For example, you could require them for approvals of requirements but not test cases.

Choosing the Right Option

If you check the box to Enable detailed audit trail logging for <item type> changes, it enables Electronic signatures. If you do not do anything else, with this setting you can require an electronic signature only when configured workflow events are used. To implement a stricter policy, check the Electronic signatures are required when <item type> box, which will then require an electronic signature for every change to the item. Also, note that you can specify whether users only need to provide their password (one component) or also their username (two components). You can also require users to provide a reason for the change.

Configuring Workflow Events to Require an Electronic Signature

This is probably the most popular implementation of electronic signatures. In most organizations, there is only a need to require an electronic signature at significant milestones, like approving a change, or verifying that a feature works as intended. Correcting a spelling error however, will not require one. Logging the change in the audit trail is sufficient. Once you have enabled electronic signatures in TestTrack, go to Tools > Administration > Workflow. Under the Events tab, choose the event that represents the action that shall require a signature and click Edit. Toward the bottom of the Edit Event dialog, check the box labeled Electronic signatures are required when adding or editing this event

Edit Event Dialog

By choosing the right options, TestTrack gives you the ability to require electronic signatures as required by your compliance needs.