September 23, 2010

Configuring the TestTrack Event on Check in Operations

Surround SCM
Helix ALM

If you use TestTrack and have it integrated with Surround SCM, you probably know that you can access the Fix workflow event when you associate a source code file with a defect during a check in operation. In TestTrack, you have a Check in & Fix button

In Surround SCM, when you highlight the defect, there is also a "Fix" button available. Keep in mind that the option to enter a TestTrack workflow event from Surround SCM is also available if you do the check in from your IDE.

Did you know that the event is configurable?

You can configure the event that is available during a check in event. In the TestTrack client, go to Tools > SCC Integration.... Under Check In Options, you can select the event to make available during a check in. You can only select one event.

In the previous screenshot, I changed the event to be Enter Work. Now when I associate a source code file with a TestTrack defect, I have the option to perform the Enter Work event in TestTrack and Surround SCM.

Be mindful of workflow rules. If the defect selected is in a state that does not allow the selected event, you will not be able to perform that event.