February 18, 2015

On-Demand Webinars: Getting Started with TestTrack Task Boards

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who participated in our 3-part series on getting started with task boards in TestTrack 2015. The recordings for all three webinars are now available. Each webinar followed the same basic outline with tweaks made based on who was presenting. Below the videos you'll find the Q&A from all events.

Task Board Primer

Take a deep dive into how to configure and use the task boards.

How Software Development Uses Task Boards

Listen to a member of the Seapine engineering team discuss how she uses task boards.

How Quality Assurance Uses Task Boards

Listen to a member of the Seapine QA team walk through how he uses task boards.

Questions & Answers

Can column headings be configured to show total story points rather than number of cards in the column? Yes, that’s an option when you configure the swimlane groupings for a task board. Is there "undo" functionality if you accidentally drop an item in the wrong column? There’s no built-in “undo” but, with the right security privileges, you could drag the card to the correct column, or configure your workflow to provide an event to move the card back into its previous state. How are the items sorted in the different columns? Items are sorted based on their rank within the folder, which is configurable. If we start using the board with many open issues, is there a way to create a ranking algorithm that ranks these issues based on create date/age, priority and customer? Currently ranking is done manually. There is no algorithm or logic that can be used to automate ranking. Does each user have to configure the task board or do all users see the configuration set up by the person creating the folder? Task boards are configured at the project level, so all users in a project have access to the same set of task boards. The project lead or administrator can select which task board will be used for each folder, and there are defaults you can configure to assign certain task boards to specific folder types automatically. Every user sees the same task board for a folder. Can you select more than one field value for rollups? Not currently, right now swimlanes can only roll up one piece of data. I use folders to organize my backlog items. Can I still use task boards to manage the same information? Absolutely! You can create a task board just to manage and prioritize backlog or use an existing task board to handle it. We use automation rules throughout our project. Do task boards affect them? No. Task boards primarily give you another view of your data as it moves through the workflow. If an item is automatically assigned or transitioned based on some criteria in your process, these features will continue to function the same with your new task boards. Are task boards only used by Agile Development shops? No. While task boards can be used by Agile Development shops, TestTrack supports any type of product development methodology. We like to think of TestTrack as more of a hybrid tool that allows our customers to use the development methodology that works best for them—whether it’s Agile, Waterfall, Iterative, or a combination of methodologies. Do task boards enforce my electronic signature rules? Yes. Task boards support all current functionality in TestTrack. We use security groups to control what information is available for users to see and change. How do task boards work with my current security groups? Task boards work in conjunction with security settings. Your users will continue to have access to the same information and tool functionality; however, you will have the new method of viewing items you have access to within the Task Boards. Can I copy task boards between projects? Yes, there’s a built-in import/export process that uses an XML format to copy the data. Copying task boards between projects is quick and easy, just keep in mind that some workflow states may not exist in the new project because task boards are based on a specific workflow. Those states will be removed from the board on import, and you’ll get a message with details on which states were removed. When completing a task, does the card always go to the Done column in the "unassigned" swimlane or can it also show up in the Done column of the user's swimlane? It can, depending on how your workflow is set up. To have tasks stay in the user’s swimlane, you would have to create an automation rule that assigned the task to the user when it enters one of the states mapped to the Done column. Where a card shows in the task board is based on how you’ve setup your workflow. After upgrading TestTrack, will my existing folders automatically upgrade to task boards or will I be able to keep the existing UI until my team is ready with configuring task boards? TestTrack 2015 doesn’t remove the existing List Window view of folder contents that you’re familiar with. Task boards are simply another view into that same data, so upgrading will not affect the existing UI that you’re familiar with. The upgrade process itself will create a couple example task boards in each of your projects, based on the project’s workflow. Right out of the gate, users can start using those task boards or you can create your own task boards and make those available to the team. Are you able to edit the task board columns after you've configured them? Yes. You can edit any aspect of the task board after initially configuring it. Are we able to edit what is displayed on a card? Not currently. If you have suggestions for how you’d like this to work, please submit a feature request: http://www.seapine.com/requestfeature.php When a task board’s configuration is changed, when do users see those changes? Users will see the changes immediately after the changes are saved. Web client users will need to refresh their browser.. The Task Boards menu item is disabled for me, under Tools > Administration. How do I turn it on? That option is configured within each security group. To enable it, edit a security group, select the Administration folder on the left and, at the very bottom, make sure the “Configure Task Boards” checkbox is selected. Then log out and log back in to start configuring task boards. If you’re upgrading from a previous version of TestTrack, it will not be checked by default so you’ll want to go in and update it for specific groups. Do you always have to manually mark test runs as completed? In our environment, test runs are marked passed or failed automatically once all of the steps have been performed. You can apply the pass/fail event to test runs using the workflow menu as well. The reason a test run would be marked passed or failed automatically would be due to your current project configuration options. Passing or failing a test run automatically based on each step's status is configured in Project Options > Compliance > Test runs.